Creating Meaningful Conversations through Podcasts with Dr. Vibe

Today’s show is the incredible Dr. Vibe. He is the host and producer of his own podcast The Dr. Vibe Show for the last decade and he has done over 1000 interviews with people from all over the world, making him Canada’s Prince of Podcast.

Here are some highlights from our conversation today:

– He usually doesn’t call his shows as interviews. Dr. Vibe would always like to refer to them as conversations. He always strives to tell the story of each of his guest, making it a meaningful experience for both him and the audience.

– Dr. Vibe started in the business of podcasting back in college and back then, he noticed that he wasn’t happy about how black men were portrayed in North America in general. This is what made him decide that someday he wanted to make a difference to that portrayal of black men and it grown from there.

– There are three quotes that Dr. Vibe subscribes to; one is from Mark Cuban that says: “Perfection is the enemy of profitability. “ Another one is from Damon John and it goes: “You make it, you master it, then you matter“. He also has his own mantra: “Give yourself the permission to be the redeemed version of yourself“.

– During the early stages of his podcasting, some critical skills that Dr. Vibe says he lacked were the lack of technical knowledge of podcasting and websites. What he did was to turn to Google and did a research on podcasting and he was able to get help. He was able to get connected with people who introduced him to the technicalities of podcasting and as he grew, he has learned to identify critical investments for his business.

– When people asked him how he became so big, he always answers that it is because of relationships. He values relationships as gold. Dr. Vibe is always looking out for ways on how to help people, because trust and integrity are his highest values.

– Dr. Vibe subscribes to a technique that was taught to him by one of his coaches in the past which is called “Mirror and Matching“. This technique is done by listening to your guest during a conversation and the questions or “conversation pieces “that he tells them are based on the things that the guest tells him. This creates a wonderful experience for both the guest and the interviewer. This is especially beneficial to coaches, because the more you “mirror and match“, the more the other person trust you and allow you to have them be coached, because you respect and listen to what they say.

– When people are looking for coaches, they usually look for 2 things: profitability or credibility. It is a must that you have at least one – and if you don’t, people will think twice in working with you.

– Dr. Vibe believes in the power of Ask. If a person says “no“ to you, most of the time it is not because they do not like you outright, but it is usually because it is not the right time. This is where the importance of relationships come in. if you keep a good relationship with people – keeping in touch with them once in a while, saying a simple “hello“ – can make you understand the right time to work with these people.

– He is guided as to whom to work with by having real conversations with people. For him, this is critical to knowing which client is a perfect fit for him to work with and he contacts this person within 48 hours.

– Dr. Vibe admits that when he first started, he had some limiting beliefs like “what if someone says no to him“. To answer this limiting belief, he had a goal to make himself big and wide enough that when people say no, it will not bother him because he will always have someone is the pipeline. Same is true for coaches – the wider your business is (or the more diverse your business is), the more clients you will have and the more money you will make. Find a need and fill it – not find a need and kill it.

– He dedicates a certain number of hours in a day to just look at what is going on and pertinent to his show that he should be reading and going after these guests. Dr. Vibe looks out for people out there and sends an invitation to people to be on their show.

– Dr. Vibe says his two best platforms are his website and Twitter – he sometimes gets an invitation to be a guest on a show through Twitter.

– His best advice for podcasters? Invest in a good microphone and have passion. Also, be a good listener, so you can mirror and match what they are saying. Sometimes it is the in-between moments that is most important. Make an environment where people feel good and that they would like to come back and work with you again.

– You may reach Dr. Vibe through his website at

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