Master Your Money By Getting Intimate With Your Numbers with Dr. Dominique Reese

Dr. Dominique Reese is the owner of Reese Financial Services and creator of Master My Money personal financial coaching programs and Master My Money University. At Reese Financial Services, she is the Chief Financial Coach and Strategist, where she helps her clients create foundations of wealth through money mastery.

Master my Money personal financial coaching program is her brainchild and it teaches techniques and strategies that will allow people to get intimate with their numbers the way that they become masters. This way, they are taking on skills so they can take over their financial life. Finances is a journey according to Dr. Reese. You can have your financial house in order but not always make the best decisions. Ultimately, even if you haven’t been making the best decisions, you now have the skills and techniques to get you out of that situation because of the Master My Money program.

Dr. Reese admits that during the start of her business, she didn’t know what it means to have a business. She had a good sales background, but once she got the deal and have the money, she didn’t know what comes next. She had to learn everything from operations to marketing. Sales, relationship management and client acquisitions came naturally to her and that is her plus for her business. She knew what she had to offer, but she didn’t know how to price it, how to market it and how to get it out in the market.

Her low point came to her when she was torn with deciding between becoming a mother and focusing on her business. She got to a point where the overwhelm was so great and she pushed everything for over a month. She really needed to take a step back and focus on the things she needed to do one by one.

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