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Dr. Timothy K. Moore, Chef, Diabetes Expert, Author, and Life Coach Named Coach Of The Month

BlackLife Coaches Network announces the selection of Dr. Timothy K. Moore  as Coach of the Month for June 2015. The Coach of the Month Award recognizes a member of the network who, through their work, displays a commitment to BLCLife’s mission to help black people everywhere lead an extraordinary life by harnessing the power of life coaching.

“Dr. Moore came to the Black Life Coaches Network in 2013 as a sought-after professional seminar speaker and author of three published books.  In two years, he has taken his brand to new heights,” said Dr. Towanna Freeman, Founder of the Black Life Coaches Network. “This level of success isn’t achieved without strategically planning your growth and preparing yourself for the unexpected.  Chef Dr. Moore, we recognize that your success truly began with your own amazing health transformation as a result of implementing your own methodology.”

Dr. Timothy K. Moore is a traditional naturopath, international speaker, life and wellness coach, personal mentor, lobbyist and author. As Executive Director of Chef Timothy’s Wellness Retreat Center, Moore offers educational programs designed to assist individuals in changing their health outcomes through improved diet and lifestyle habits, assists employers in reducing costs of health insurance and medical care for employees, and educates health care professionals about diet and healthy lifestyle for preventing, reversing, and stopping progression of degenerative diseases. He is also the Founder of The Healing Hand, which offers programs for schools to improve children’s health through better nutrition. Moore has first-hand experience with the challenges of becoming a type two diabetic at a young age.

“As a former diabetic, the thought of having to take medicine and being told it was just a way of life for me—I had to look into the mirror of my soul and take control of my health and not let someone or something determine my future, “ says Dr. Moore. “ The coach of the month award with the BLC is an honor in and of itself because I am part of a dynamic and uplifting organization that is making a big impact by providing assistance, and helping grow businesses through relationship building. When I think of the BLC Network, it is a strategic partner for life.”

An internationally recognized author and diabetes expert, Dr. Moore has published eight books and has been named an Amazon #1 Best Selling author four times for his books including 47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes and Vegans Eat What!.

While making a difference in print, Dr. Moore is also making a difference in the kitchen. Moore is a plant-based chef and a certified raw and vegan expert. He has developed international awareness programs that provide both nutritional education and culinary training for personal and professional use. His program teaches individuals how food plays a major role in diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure and cancer.

Black Life Coaches Network is proud to honor Dr. Timothy K. Moore as the latest recipient of the Coach of the Month Award, and looks forward to his continued career achievement and the lasting impact his work will have on the health of countless individuals and health policy.

About Black Life Coaches Network: The network was founded in 2011 by award-winning author, inspirational speaker and community mentor Dr. Towanna Freeman. The organization connects and empowers the black community through its premier website which is loaded with informative, quality self-improvement and wellness information to help people become their best self.

BLCLife  is the online home for Black Life Coaches Network, and provides information ranging from in the areas of relationships and parenting, health and wellness and entrepreneurship and career. The website exists to connect the Black community to valuable life changing solutions and strategies with practitioners who can deliver just that.

Today there are over 300 coaching professionals in the Black Life Coaches Network.  Members are certified coaches, counselors, clergy and therapists. To join the top life coaching and personal development network in the black community, complete the membership form today.