Using Social Media as Key to Your Business Growth With Stephanie Nissen

I am so excited and honored today to have the amazing Stephanie Nissen on today’s episode. She is a Social Media Strategist and Manager for Small Businesses and the CEO of Nissen Media, LLC.

Here are some highlights from our conversation today:

– Stephanie loves seeing “lightbulb moments” when working with people and she loves educating people on how they can maximize social media for their businesses – connect people with great tools, help them create great content and really get the conversation going in social media. She got started as an intern who was given control over the social media accounts of the company.

– She has always loved social media. She was very involved with social media even during the early days of MySpace. When she got handed it as a business, she took the approach that she has always used in the past: people want to connect with people. Along the way, she introduced herself to materials and training that would further equip her for social media work.

– Stephanie’s inspiration is her dad. Her dad is her biggest supporter, as he has always been supporting his family even as a young person. In the social media universe, she also finds inspiration in Kim Garst of Boom! and Emeric Ernoult of AgoraPulse. She gravitates toward authenticity and passion that these people bring to their business.

– A revenue generating business takes a lot of hard and smart work. She admits that in the beginning of her business, she really lacked sales skills. She has always been customer service oriented but she never had to work on sales in the past. She has started to learn the ropes of sales for her business. Above all, Stephanie says, it is important that you have passion with what you do, because you have to be excited to work in order to bring out the best in your venture.

– Stephanie says there are some trainings and educational materials available in the marketplace that she did not feel to have much benefitted her and she says they were some of the things that she wasted money on. After her first “fail”, she had due diligence to do more research on the people and tools that she was affiliating with or using in that you get sucked into their accolades that you are no longer doing what they are telling you that you should be doing.

– There had been a point in her life and business where she found that the support system that she had was not there when she needed it – and it was a source of heartbreak for her. When you are in this business building phase, you bring people into your circle for personal and professional support. To minimize the “damage”, you need to remind yourself that nothing is permanent and everything can come and go. Your focus should be what you need to teach to these people and what you can learn from them as you go.

– Stephanie admits that she went through a period of “limiting beliefs“ within her business in that there was a question of “Who would hire me if there are so many people within this space?“ She made a resolve to get out of her own way, get out of her head and stand on the fact that what she brings forth brings value – and no matter how many people are doing it, you have to make a resolve that you are able to provide value with your service.

– The tools that she absolutely loves using and are most beneficial to her right now is SproutSocial for her social media accounts and FreshBooks for her finances. She has also learned that outsourcing is the best way to be more efficient and organized as she admits that as business owners, you can’t do everything on your own. Outsourcing can be key in delegating the tasks that you might not be an expert at (or might be an expert at but not exactly increasing your business) to people who can do things better and more efficiently.

– Her favorite social media platform is Twitter. She loves the pace and the fact that Twitter has no bounds with the people you can speak with (as there are no business pages as in Facebook). She loves the openness on the platform. You have everybody from high school kids to CEOs of big companies.

– A lot of us know what the right thing to do is – we know that we need Social Media to talk with people and create a conversation, so when you find this person/influencer/strategist, go see at how they talk with people. Stephanie stresses that social media is a place where you talk with people – and if you want to work with someone, you have to look at their social media accounts and see if they resonate with what you are doing. Are they keeping conversation? Are they just posting away? These are the things that you should look out for.

You can reach Stephanie through her website at or by email at You may also connect with her through her social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter @stephnissen_ and Instagram @stephnissen_

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